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Read our position paper and recommendations to the Government of Alberta. Please add your name to petition in support.

Invest in Community Health Centres

To: Honourable Rachel Notley - Premier of Alberta
To: Honourable Sarah Hoffman - Deputy Premier & Minister of Health
To: Honourable Brandy Payne - Associate Minister of Health

Community Health Centres (CHCs) have been called “Medicare’s best kept secret”. They provide a triple bottom line solution: improved individual health, improved community and population health, and more cost-effective healthcare and social service systems.

CHCs provide health care through a team approach where nurse practitioners, family physicians, nurses, counselors, and other care providers ensure that people receive the timely care they need. They also integrate these care services with a wide-range of health promotion programs, social services, and community health initiatives that help individuals, families, and communities prevent illness and stay well.

Despite their impact and track record in Canada and other countries, Community Health Centres are still only available to 1.2% of Albertans. I urge the Government of Alberta to adopt the following recommendations of the Alberta Association of Community Health Centres (AACHC):

1. Implement an annualized operational funding model for existing CHCs in Alberta that encompasses the package of team-based primary care, health promotion and community health services they deliver.

2. Invest in 10 new Community Health Centres throughout Alberta by 2019, increasing the percentage of Albertans who have access to a CHC from 1.2% to 2.5%.

3. Collaborate with AACHC to develop a longer-term strategy and timelines to meet the needs of all 20% Albertans who require priority access to a Community Health Centre.

Combined, these measures will go a long way to improving the health of Albertans and the strength of our health care and other social service systems.

Hon. Joe Ceci - Minister of Finance
Hon. Brian Mason - Minister of Infrastructure
Hon. Lori Sigurdson - Minister of Seniors and Housing

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